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We make ecological cover bags and handbags since 1989 and personalize them in order to cover our costumer needs. Our bags are fully customizable in design, size, fabric and closure type (drawstrings, zips...), print (using non-contaminant inks), textile embroidery or textile labels. They are made of ecological materials, so that we can keep our engagement with following the three R rule:


We use natural fibers to make all our articles. All of them are biodegradable and recyclable.


Our articles are made with high quality components and sewed with resistant fabrics that ensure a consistent product that can be reused for a long time.


We want to make people conscious of the importance to reduce plastic bags and preserve our environment.


Our ecological line with all our products made of eco-friendly materials, can be made in order to cover our costumer requirements. All our bags are completely customizable.

Be conscious! Help the environment by using ecological bags!

About us

We were born in 1989 and since then, we have been making protection bags and handbags, so we are experienced in the business. As a result of our long career, we have the best suppliers that provide us high quality materials and costumers from national and international places. We want to contribute to preserve our environment by using reusable and recyclable materials.

  • In Europe, more than one hundred thousand plastic bags are used every year with an increasement of 47% over the last ten years.

  • Each spanish citizen uses an average of 238 plastic bags per year, and only a 10% of them are recyclable.

  • 70% of the plastic wastes that enter the oceans of all over the world, will remain there forever without being degraded.

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